With more than enough fighting power to wrestle with big game, TICA’s BCMB boat rods will make any sea monster yield to the angler’s command. Constructed of durable graphite and a strong fiberglass composite, the BCMB also features an ultra-light yet powerful rod design with agile action, giving the rod the best combination of strength and sensitivity for reeling in your next big catch. The BCMB is also equipped with titanium oxide ring guides, an extra tough EVA front grip, and a slick nylon rear grip. The heavy duty Tica DPS aluminum reel seat perfectly matches the power of TICA’s 20/30/50 WTS reel series. Big fish are no match for TICA’s BCMB, making it the perfect rod to add to any angler’s arsenal.


  • ■ Constructed of graphite and strong fiberglass
  • ■ Ultra light and powerful rod design with agile action
  • ■ Titanium oxide ring guides
  • ■ Heavy duty TICA DPS aluminum reel seat
  • ■ Perfect match with the power of TICA 20WTS/30WTS/50WTS reel series
  • ■ Extra tough EVA front grip and slick nylon grip
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