Wasabi Blue Deep Jigging – JKLB


With its electric blue, eye catching cosmetics, TICA’s JKLB rods perform just as magnificently as they look on the water. The rod is constructed from a graphite composite and a light, sensitive blank with high tensile strength to provide flawless action for braided lines. The JKLB is also built with high quality and clear-coat finished SS316 guide frames and ALPS blue Zirconium ring guides, which both look beautiful and are smoother due to the reduced friction. The casting models of the JKLB in particular feature a lighter but stronger ALPS triangle reel seat, and the spinning models feature an aluminum reel seat. Weighted by braided line strength, these rods are ideal for jigging, and saltwater fish, tuna, halibut, lings, and stripers are no match for the mighty JKLB.


  • ■ Constructed of composite graphite
  • ■ Light, sensitive blank with high tensile strength and perfect action for braided lines.
  • ■ ALPS blue Zirconium ring guides with ultra bright & clear finished SS316 guides frame
  • ■ Lighter, stronger ALPS triangle reel seat for casting models (JKLB ending in T)
  • ■ CAHL X aluminum reel seat for spinning models (JKLB ending in S)
  • ■ Comfortable, extra tough EVA handle
  • ■ Superb appearance and eye catching cosmetics
  • ■ Ideal jigging rod
  • ■ Weighted by braided line strength
  • ■ Perfect for tuna, halibut, lings, stripers, and any other saltwater fish