Galant Z – HLHF


Tica’s HLHF Galant-Z Salmon Steelhead rods are highly sensitive rods, giving salmon and steelhead fanatics added control when detecting their next nibble. The rods are constructed of high modulus, flexible, graphite material which creates a very sensitive, well balanced, and high strength blank, and perfect action. Beyond its sensitivity, the rod is second to none when it comes to power and precision. The HLHF rods also feature ultra-quality FUJI HARDLOY RING guides, a stainless steel hook keeper, a graphite trigger, graphite APS reel seat, and a high-grade and sensitive woven carbon tube handle. A combination of high quality features enables anglers to detect even the most subtle bite of salmon and steelhead and create a rod that packs plenty of power to handle tough fish.

    • ■ Constructed of high modulus flexible graphite material
    • ■ Sensitive and well balanced blank with high strength, perfect action
    • ■ Casting and spinning models available
    • ■ FUJI HARDLOY RING guides
    • ■ Stainless steel hook keeper
    • ■ GRAPHITE TRIGGER/TICA GRAPHITE APS reel seat for both casting and spinning models
    • ■ High grade, sensitive woven carbon tube handle