Known for its top-notch smoothness and durability, the Cybernetic GGAT is equipped with a high-performance IOS system that provides optimal oscillation rotations as the reel spins. The GGAT strikes the perfect balance between being lightweight and strong and its long handle arm makes it easy to retrieve fish, making it an excellent addition to any reel collection.


■ 8 Rust resistant shielded ball bearings
■ Titanium line roller
■ Cybernetic system with 2 pieces, body covers with good balance and support
■ Strong, durable bail spring able to withstand thousands of bail trips
■ One-way clutch
■ IOS system provides the best smoothness and durability while oscillation
■ Anodized spool
■ Football style handle grip
■ Longer handle arm for easier retrieves
■ Click drag knob
■ Right / Left interchangeable handle