Boat Rod – BKLA


Boasting a unique handmade gold and royal purple interwoven thread design, TICA’s BKLA live bait boat rods are perfect for private boaters and charter services angling fluke, flounder, stripers, blues, and tuna. Constructed of a highly durable fiberglass composite and graphite, the BKLA also features a unique solid tip design to reduce resistance against hard-fighting fish. The rods also feature FUJI HARDLOY ring guides, Tica’s exclusive reel seat, and an EVA front grip with slick butts for maximum comfort. With its elegant cosmetic design, the BKLA boat rods will make any angler a true fishing champion.


  • ■ Strong graphite and fiberglass composite construction
  • ■ Unique solid tip design
  • ■ FUJI Hardloy ring guides
  • ■ TICA’s exclusive reel seat
  • ■ EVA front grip, with slick butt
  • ■ Handmade interwoven threads design
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