Striking the perfect balance between ruggedness and smoothness, the SBAT Samira Long Cast is the perfect rod for surf fishing. Suited for both the west and east coast, the SBAT includes a unique design line roller and bail system for optimal silky-smooth performance and a long shaft for better line winding. With multiple types of spools to fit your individual fishing technique and style, the SBAT is the perfect rod for the surf.


■ 13 Rust resistant, shielded ball bearings.
■ Anti-twist line roller with bearing.
■ Forged aluminum spool(SBAT).
■ Computer balanced rotor.
■ One-way clutch instant anti-reverse roller bearing.
■ Silent line management.
■ Worm shaft oscillating system.
■ Click alert for a light strike.
■ Long shaft for better line winding.
■ Right/ left interchangeable handle.
■ Football style handle grip.
■ Solid aluminum bail wire.
■ Heavy pressure resistance gear for toughness and smoothness.
■ Smooth powerful carbon drag washers.