Creek – FLEA


With its elegant, vintage brown cosmetics, TICA’s FLEA Creek rods are accurate and precise with every cast. Constructed from high density fiberglass, the FLEA has a light and sensitive blank that creates its flawless parabolic action. The FLEA also features a high quality walnut reel seat with stainless steel snake guides and a stainless steel keeper, and the FLEA8072 in particular is equipped with a specially designed EVA and cork end cap. TICA’s FLEA Creek rod bends smoothly into a crescent-arc shape from the tip to butt in every cast, making it the most graceful yet precise fly fishing rod.

    • ■ Constructed of high density flexible fiberglass
    • ■ Light and sensitive blank with perfect parabolic action
    • ■ Specially designed EVA and cork end cap (on FLEA8072 only)
    • ■ Walnut reel seat with stainless steel snake guides
    • ■ Stainless steel keeper
    • ■ Elegant cosmetics
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