Tactica Bass – SLHA


TICA’s SLHA Tactica rods are perfect for reeling spot bass, smallies, and largemouth. Highly versatile, the rod is suitable for all techniques, from drop shotting to tubes, and performs beautifully in the water. SLHA rods are constructed of high modulus graphite material and a light and sensitive blank with smooth action.  A comfortable mini EVA handle makes this rod easy to handle even after a long day of fishing. Along with its cosmetic DNA interweave thread design, the SLHA spinning rod combines form with function and is perfect for angling bass and walleye.


  • ■ Constructed of high modulus graphite material
  • ■ Light and sensitive blank with perfect action
  • ■ FUJI ALCONITE tip & guide
  • ■ TICA APS reel seat
  • ■ Stainless steel hook keeper
  • ■ Comfortable mini EVA handle
  • ■ Exquisite DNA interweaves threads cosmetic design
  • ■ Perfect for all techniques including dropshotting and tubes
  • ■ Spots bass, smallies, and largemouth
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