Veteran – T



Tica’s Veteran “T” series reels are functional, lightweight, and extremely durable large arbor reels. The “T” Series reel is designed to provide a fast retrieval rate. These reels feature 4 rust-resistant, shielded ball bearings and 1 roller bearing, instant anti-reverse, and a CNC machined aluminum body and spool. The power drag control system compromising large drag washers and balanced spool rotation makes retrieving smooth yet powerful. The Veteran “T” reels are also equipped with a one-touch removal spool, line out alarm, and a left-right easy to change retrieval to make handling stress-free. For the fly fisherman looking for a robust large arbor reel, the Tica’s Veteran “T” reels performs beautifully out in the water.


  • ■ 4 Rust resistant, shielded ball bearings
  • ■ Instant anti-reverse
  • ■ One touch removal spool
  • ■ Balanced spool rotation
  • ■ Left / Right easy to change retrieval
  • ■ Line out alarm
  • ■ CNC machined aluminum body and spool
  • ■ Power drag control system with large drag washer