reel-ticateamTICA Team’s left-handed STL reels series are strong, fast action rods designed for tuna, sturgeon, and halibut fanatics. These durable reels are equipped with drag levers, 8 sealed precision stainless steel rust-resistant ball bearings, a CNC machined forged aluminum alloy frame, and 2 one-way clutch roller bearings with an instant anti-reverse system. All models come with a neoprene reel case and are available in wide, narrow, and high speed. With these powerful reels, you will have a great time landing big fish.


  • ■ 8RRB, shielded ball bearings
  • ■ One piece aluminum frame CNC machined
  • ■ Forged aluminum spool
  • ■ 2 one-way clutch roller bearings with instant anti-reverse
  • ■ Stainless steel main gear, pinion gear, and drag cam
  • ■ Lever Drag
  • ■ Loud line out alarm
  • ■ Reel bag included
  • ■ Forged aluminum alloy hand knob