Known for its top notch smoothness and durability, the Cybernetic GGAT is equipped with a high performance OIS system to provide the most optimal oscillation function. The GGAT strikes a good balance between lightness and strength. Its long handle arm is perfect easily retrieving fish, making it the perfect addition to your reel collection.


■ 8 Rust resistant shielded ball bearings
■ Titanium line roller
■ Cybernetic system with 2 pieces, body covers with good balance and support
■ Strong, durable bail spring able to withstand thousands of bail trips
■ One-way clutch
■ IOS system provides the best smoothness and durability while oscillation
■ Anodized spool
■ Football style handle grip
■ Longer handle arm for easier retrieves
■ Click drag knob
■ Right / Left interchangeable handle