Hyena reel – HN


Featuring TICA's Cybernetic Frame system, Hyena has a rigid aluminum frame plus 2 light weight main covers to reduce weight and retain rigidity. This reel is perfect suitable for sea fishing as well as fighting monster catfish in fresh water.




■ 8 RRB, shielded ball bearings.
■ Titanium plated line roller.
■ Computer balanced, anti-twist rotor.
■ Cybernetic frame system.
■ Durable bail spring
■ Instant anti-reverse.
■ Intelligent oscillating system.
■ Corrosion resistant anodized aluminum spool.
■ EVA-O50 covered aluminum handle knob.
■ Long handle arm for powerful retrieving.
■ Click drag knob.
■ Water proof device.
■ Right and left interchangeable handle.


Photo : Antonio Nazzani

Photo by Antonio Nazzani