Wasabi Long Range Jigging – JCLA


Ranging from 7’ to 9’ in length, Tica’s JCLA are the ultimate tuna and bottom fishing rods. Designed for all traditional long range jigging fishermen, the rod is constructed of graphite and strong fiberglass composite material. Long range fishermen out in San Diego have long known the importance of having no reel seat and have since then utilized these rods with no reel seats for its versatility. By not having reel seats, the JCLA allows the angler to adjust reel positions to suit different applications by using the clamp sets that come with the reels. These rods also feature light and sensitive design with very powerful action, stainless steel chrome-plated guides, and a comfortable heat-shrinkable plastic handle. Boasting an vibrant green and golden handmade interwoven thread design, the JCLA functions magnificently, whether you are throwing surface jigs or fishing jigs at mid depth.


  • ■ Constructed of graphite and strong fiberglass composite material
  • ■ Light and sensitive design; powerful action
  • ■ Stainless steel chrome-plated guides
  • ■ Comfortable heat-shrinkable plastic handle
  • ■ Handmade interwoven threads designs
  • ■ Ultimate long range jigging rods (7~9' length)