Salmon Steelhead – HLHB


For salmon-steelhead fishing, there are no better rods than TICA’s HLHB salmon steelhead series. With a wide range from 7’9’’ to 14’ in length, the HLHB rod has flexibility and just enough backbone to put up a strong fight. The high modulus, flexible graphite construction and ultra quality FUJI HARDLOY RING guides give this steelhead rod a deadly combination of sensitivity and sturdiness, making it perfect for sensing perch and reeling in steelhead and robust enough to battle with the mighty king salmon.

    • ■ Constructed of high modulus flexible graphite material
    • ■ Light and sensitive blank with high strength, perfect action
    • ■ Casting and spinning models available
    • ■ 5 New spinning/casting models for light tackle float & drift fishing
    • ■ FUJI HARDLOY RING guides
    • ■ GRAPHITE trigger/ TICA APS reel seat for both casting & spinning models
    • ■ Comfortable and durable cork handle
    • ■ Splendid eye-catching cosmetics
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