TICA's TopTec SWA is the reel for any angler wanting serious power in every cast. SWA reels are built with 3 rust-resistant, shielded ball bearings and 1 roller bearing, a lightweight, strong one piece graphite frame, and a forged plated spool to resist corrosion. For precision, TopTec SWA reels include an alarm that will trigger when catching fish and a magnet-controlled casting system, making your battles at sea both exciting and easier to handle. With serious cranking power, the SWA reels’ comfortable handle come in two lengths, 68mm or 80mm, making it perfect for reeling in your next big catch.


■ 3 Rust resistant, shielded ball bearings
■ One piece graphite frame, strong and light.
■ One-way clutch.
■ Drag can function normally long-term with carbon drag washers to withstand high temperature.
■ Spool forged, plated to protect from corrosion.
■ The best casting can be controlled by magnet system.
■ Star Drag functions with sound.
■ The length of handle can be used with 2 kinds of length, 68 mm or 80 mm.
■ The drag knob will stop the turning of spool after micro setting.
■ The sound will alarm when catching fish.
■ Comfortable handle knob.
■ Stainless steel pinion, main shaft and reel foot

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