Big Game – BJEB


TICA’s unbeatable BJEB big game rods possess unbelievable strength and leverage for angling halibut, tuna, jacks, and billfish. The rod is equipped with a specially designed solid fiberglass blank with great action to handle even the largest fish. Along with its striking electric blue cosmetics, the BJEB is built with extremely durable, high quality Zirconia ring guides. A heavy duty aluminum reel seat and tough EVA handle are accompanied by a gimbal and gimbal cover to maximize comfort so anglers can battle with big game without fatiguing. With unparalleled performance, TICA’s BJEB boasts the best value for a high quality big fish fighting rod.


  • ■ Special solid fiberglass design with great action
  • ■ Powerful blank, engineered for largest fish
  • ■ High quality and strong zirconia ring guides
  • ■ Heavy-duty aluminum reel seat
  • ■ Comfortable and durable EVA handle seat with gimbal and gimbal cover
  • ■ Ideal for halibut, tuna, and billfish
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